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At One Thousand Eyes we have been involved in a wide variety of Music Video projects from Small Independent Artists to Dance Films, typically handling end-to-end productions.



Split The Dealer x Deva St John

This collaboration between two regular One Thousand Eyes Artists 'Split The Dealer' and 'Deva St John' was a pleasure to produce in ChilliCheeze Studio, London.

OTE provided End-to-End Production.



Split The Dealer

This Rooftop session from Split The Dealer was a great project to shoot during a beautiful Sunset in Wembley for his single "Harmony"

OTE provided End-to-End Production.


"Messed Up Smiles"


A few years ago we had the pleasure of producing one of Echoic's last video before the band unfortunately parted ways. This was a lot of fun shooting across multiple spaces in their hometown of Reading.

OTE provided End-to-End Production

"You Do"

Tre Gordon

One Thousand Eyes had the pleasure of Producing Tre Gordon's debut music video alongside Poseidon Studios. Shot over a single day in Peckham, we showcase the artist's brilliant acting and dancing abilities.

OTE provided a Producer, Director and Editor.

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