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One of our passions at One Thousand Eyes is our support and Production of Narrative based projects such as Short Films and TV work. In 2021 we're also very excited to announce our first step into Feature Film.


"Termination Of

Services Rendered"

Short Film 2019

One Thousand Eyes produced "Termination Of Services Rendered" as a prize winning script under the annual One Stop Films Short Film competition. A Spy Thriller shot on 35mm and completed in 2019.

"Adam's Apple"

Short Film 2019

Adam's Apple explores the issues of Masculinity in this Short Film Written and Directed by Dann Emmons with the support of Sandstorm Studios after a Film Festival win at their annual Festival.



Short Film 2018

One Thousand Eyes founders Dann Emmons and Josh Dickinson collaborated in this project shot entirely in one take during one cold night in Suffolk 2018. The film depicts and father and daughters fight for survival in the face of a vicious gang.

OTE provided End-to-End Production


Short Film 2018

Resolutions is a beautiful film about facing your fears, the kindness of strangers and New Years Eve. Written and Directed by Heidi Jones, One Thousand Eyes provided Cinematography and Colouring services to the film.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 11.41.37 copy.
Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 10.26.21.png

"The Quest for a TV"

Short Film 2018

Based on the true heritage of Writer / Director Miro Caminade, The Quest for a TV tells the story of a hippie commune in Wales and a young boys quest to watch his favourite action heroes on TV. 

One Thousand Eyes provided Cinematography and Colouring Services to the film.

"Louder Than Words"

Short Film 2017

Louder Than Words tells the story of a divorced Deaf Couple on the night of the annual community dance show. Over the course of the evening they are forced to come to terms with their true feelings about the separation.

One Thousand Eyes provided End-to-End Production alongside Poseidon Studios.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.39.58.jpg


Short Film 2015

The Graduate Film for Director Dann Emmons tells the story of two people, arrested on the same night for different menial crimes, who meet in the back of a Police Car and develop and interesting relationship.

One Thousand Eyes provided End-to-End Services to the film alongside Poseidon Studios

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